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Xà phòng kiêm phủ nano sơn TrizEX SOFT99


How to use TRIZ coatings And those seeking fine and abundant bubbles
ポイント1 Finely silky eye to detail and rich foam! Not born in that exquisite balance “hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients” carefully selected, fine bubbles between the coating and the dirt, damage the capsule gently to remove dirt. 絹の目のようにきめ細やかで豊かな泡立ち!
ポイント2 Rinses clean! すすげます to clean clean the foam into the space between the body and parts.
The name Auto body cleaners
Applications Auto body, or other exterior wash
Pussy sex Neutral
Content amount 500 ml
Ingredients Non-ionic surfactants
Painting paint color All paint paint colors
How to use the [1] Before body water, wash the dust and sand. [2] From the sponge moistened with water, and then [OPEN] Cap lever on liquid lather wash. Use the hand minutes (about 50 ml) liquid for 4 gallons of water wash, lather up in buckets, etc. [3] Wipe with clean towel and rinse well with water until bubbles car wash after the remaining drops of water.